is an initiative joined by Curro
that aims to promote cycling

C2R is an initiative supported by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation, fun, and possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes. Through this initiative, we introduce young learners (and their parents) to their first cycling classes and provide families with the opportunity to spend time together to connect with each other, creation, and Christ within. Parents and learners don't necessarily need any cycling experience or career aspirations to join Cycle2Ride – it’s all about having fun and moms even get free memberships!

Benefits included in a membership:

  • Access to coaching clinics from beginner to advanced levels;
  • Joining in on fun events and expeditions in the countryside that allow families to participate together;
  • Access to advanced support and guidance on equipment and setup, tailored training programmes and access to online coaches and Biokineticists to members who have career aspirations or already are established athletes;
  • The privilege to wear exclusive cycling apparel available for purchase from our online store (coming soon);
  • Receive exclusive offers from partners such as Head Bicycles when renting or financing bicycles for primary school learners through C2R;
  • The opportunity to easily upgrade to larger bicycles when young members outgrow their bicycle frames;
  • The bonus of gaining entry to a lucky draw were members can win a sponsored team-entry for either the Tankwa Trek (4-day stage race in Ceres), Wines2Whales (3-day stage race in Grabouw/Hermanus), or the ABSA Cape EPIC (extreme MTB-race in the Western Cape).
C2R also supports local community upliftment by teaching skills needed to become bicycle technicians according to global standards, as well as to build and maintain mountain bike (MTB) trails in the country.




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Cycle2Ride (C2R) creates opportunity for individuals to engage in cycling activity, with a purpose, namely;
  1. to learn to cycle or improve to compete in cycling (Sport)
  2. to adopt a cycling lifestyle as part of recreational activity for the family (Recreational)
  3. Introduce and develop cycling competition, lifestyle and commerce in communities where it currently does not exist, to create Hope and Purpose.

Cycle Centres - Impact and contribution to the Community

Methodology to develop skills in Communities

C2R CYCLE CENTRES s a Social investment initiative, where we use funding to establish a small facility, which is equipped to train technicians, coaches and shop owners, while delivering a service to the cycling community. Centres are conveniently located at a CURRO school, with a skills track, able to host local and regional inter-CURRO mountain biking events.

The centre will provide free introduction to cycling and learn to cycle courses to the community. Open days will market the Technician training courses and Pro-cyclists like the Exxarro training Academy riders will be invited to host motivational talks to the children of the community.

Smartcycle facility provides online smart trainers where the youth of the community can experience cycling in other countries and cycle iconic routes like the Tour de France. Cycling against other cyclists from all over the Globe. The purpose of which, is to increase their scope and self believe and add Hope and Purpose to their lives.
C2R partnered with specialist coaches, cycling event organizers and an industry training service provider, to provide our trainees with quality support.
In Communities with cycling development potential, we introduce specialist and create infrastructure, like skills tracks and cycle centres to provide skills development initiatives namely;
  • Professional cycling,
  • Technician training (UK developed, globally recognized and SAQA accredited course), and
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Successful trainees are deployed in the value chain to service the needs of the C2R athletes, for example;
  • Coaching Assistants at Coaching sessions
  • Bicycle technicians available at events for C2R cyclists support
  • Cycle Centre owners, providing bicycle shop services to the community
  • Professional athletes, pursuing a career in cycling

(Note: Refer to diagram of value chain below)

C2R Cycle Centres provide an anchor for the development of skills, contributing to education and development of life skills.
Cycle Centre - Locations

Curro operates on more than 60 Campuses located in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The initial facilities earmarked for development in 2020 / 2021 will include:
  • Protea Glen – Soweto (Gauteng)
  • Mamelodi (Tshwane)
  • Hazeldean (Tshwane)4
  • The Blyde (Tshwane)
  • Soshanguve (Tshwane)
  • Wilgeheuwel (Gauteng)
  • Savannah City (Gauteng)
  • Thatchfield (Tshwane)
  • Delft (Western Cape)
  • Brackenfell (Western Cape)
A Further 42 Sites are earmarked for future development, making this network of cycle facilities, the largest of its kind in South Africa.

Cycle Centre Business Model
  1. Curro contribution
    1. Curro sets land aside on existing school grounds, for the development of a cycling track.
    2. Curro will maintain the condition of the track.
    3. Curro finance the design and construction of the track. Curro is supported by management of the Spur Schools League initiative for insights in the track development.
    4. Curro provides after hours security and protection of property
    5. Curro provides insurance for buildings (excluding movable assets)
    6. Curro provides services (Internet, Electricity, Water) to the facility
    7. Curro has the construction expertise to facilitate the construction of the facility.
    8. Funding Partners will be acknowledged in Curro national promotion and awareness campaigns to Curro parents.

  2. C2R contribution
    1. Oversight on the development of the infrastructure (Track, Buildings and Fit-out)
    2. Oversight on the operations including;
      1. Appointment of Centre Owner/Manager
      2. Establishment of Technician Training Courses (Torque Zone)
      3. Co-ordinate cycling events
      4. Implement Coaching programmes
    3. Financial reporting and management of funding cash flow.

  3. Funding Partner contribution
    1. Funding of;
      1. Container structure (Buildings) supply and construction
      2. Equipment / Tools required for training and bike shop
      3. 15 Mountain Bicycles to be used for coaching, technical training and Rentals
      4. Seed capital to finance operational cost for shop for 1 year.

  4. Responsibilities of Centre owner includes
    1. Payment of;
      1. Monthly utilities, including refuse, sewerage, water and electrical supply
      2. Additional staff resources
      3. Maintenance and cleaning of building
      4. Maintenance of equipment

  5. Revenue Model for Owner
    1. Revenue will be generated with the following services;
      1. Membership Fees
      2. Coaching
      3. Bike Wash
      4. Technical servicing and repairs on Bicycles
      5. Rental income for non Curro events (Spur Schools League)
      6. Rental income from Bicycles
      7. Rental income from tuck shop / Barista tenant

Cycle Centre - Facilities
Facilities include:
  1. Cycling Workshop
  2. Bicycle Wash bay
  3. Bistro / Coffee Shop / Tuck shop (Online Retail facility)
  4. Ablutions
  5. Bicycle Storage
  6. Smartcycle online training centre
  7. Cycling Track / Trail
  8. WIFI